Tivimate — Install on FireStick, Android & iOS (2023)

In this tutorial, you will learn to install Tivimate on FireStick (also Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max & FireStick 4K). I have also provided quick methods to install Tivimate on Android TV Boxes, Smart Android TVs, and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch).

The following guide will show you how to install TiviMate on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV/Google TV devices.

This article also provides setup instructions and tips to help you get the most out of it on your preferred device.

TiviMate is one of the best IPTV Players available for use on any device including the Amazon Firestick.

The app alone does not contain live channels for streaming, however, users can integrate an M3U URL or an Xtream Code URL within the app for live streaming.

You can Subscribe Here and get your m3u and xtream codes.

TiviMate offers both a free and a premium version of the service that currently costs $9.99/year or $29.99 for a lifetime subscription.

IPTV STUDIO suggests purchasing a premium account as it unlocks tons of features not found in the free option.

Premium Features

Those who opt for the Premium plan are provided with over a dozen valuable features including:

  • Scheduled recordings
  • Custom recurring recordings
  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Parental Controls
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Favorites management
  • Catch-up
  • Customizable TV Guide update intervals
  • Customizable Panels transparency and timeout
  • Customize Groups and Channels
  • Manual Channels sorting
  • Turning on the last channel on the app start
  • Auto frame rate (AFR)
  • Reminder to automatically play channel
  • Many More

As you can see, without the upgrade, there isn’t much sense in using the app.

We suggest first installing the free app via the instructions below. If you like it, you can register for the premium release and we cover that as well in this article.

In this tutorial, we are using an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

This will also work for Android TV/Google TV Devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD, MECOOL Boxes, onn. Google TV Box, and more.

How to Install TiviMate on Firestick/Android TV/Google TV

Use the guides below for installation and set up instructions for this application on your preferred device.

We highly recommend viewing the video tutorial that provides additional details not provided in the screenshot guide below.

Step 1 – Prepare Firestick/Android TV/Google TV

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find button and then click the Search box.

click the search box

2. Search for and select Downloader.

select downloader

3. Choose the Downloader app.

choose the downloader app

4. Click Download or Get.

click get or download

5. Wait for the app to install.

wait for downloader app to install

6. You will then encounter Downloader Ready to launch! message.

downloader ready to launch message

7. Return to the home screen to hover over Settings and click My Fire TV.

return to the settings menu and choose my fire tv

8. Choose Developer Options.

IMPORTANT: Please see the notes below if you don’t see Developer Options on your screen.

choose developer options

9. Click Install unknown apps.

click install unknown apps

10. Find the Downloader app and click it.

click the downloader app

11. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app and enable side-loading on your device.

unknown sources now on for downloader

Developer Options Not Available

If you are unable to locate developer options within settings, follow the instructions below to enable this to use the Downloader App.

1. Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Click About.

Note: Notice Developer Options is missing.

click About

3. Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

click the name of fire tv device 7 times

4. Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

click back button

Now that I’ve properly prepared my Firestick it’s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Setup TiviMate

1. Launch the Downloader Application.

launch the downloader app

2. Hover over the URL bar and click the select button on your remote

hover over the url bar and click the select button on your remote

3. Type the Downloader Code 647428 and click Go.

type downloader code for the troypoint toolbox and click go

4. You will then encounter a Redirect page.

redirect page troypoint toolbox

5. You are then met with the TROYPOINT Toolbox home screen.

you are then met with the troypoint toolbox home screen

6. Scroll down to find TiviMate and click Download.

click download to install tivimate

7. Wait for the app to install.

wait for install to complete

8. Click Install.

click install

9. You will then encounter Ready to launch! message. Click Done.

ready to launch message appears

10. Click Done.

click done

11. This will take you back to the Downloader app. Click Delete to remove the installation file.

click delete to remove installation file

12. Click Delete again.

click delete again to confirm

Installation is now complete. Continue reading to learn how to set up the app on your preferred device.

How To Setup Free Version

After the app installation is complete, we can open the app and authorize an IPTV Service for use.

NOTE: Initializing an IPTV Service within TiviMate requires an M3U URL or Xtream Code. This can usually be found in your service welcome e-mail or by contacting customer support.

The steps below show how to set up the free version with your preferred IPTV Service

1. Open the app and click Add Playlist.

click add playlist

2. Choose M3U playlist or Xtream Codes.

choose m3u playlist or xtream code

3. Click Enter URL.

select enter URL

4. Enter the M3U URL or xtream codes provided to you.

enter m3u url and click next

5. Click Next.

click next

6. You will then see a Playlist is processed message with Channel count and your Playlist name. Click Next.

click next again

8. If the EPG URL does not auto-import, you can insert it here.

Some IPTV providers offer a separate M3U URL for your EPG. Click Done.

click next for m3u playlist

9. Choose Your Playlist.

select your preferred playlist

10. Click OK.

click ok

11. TV Guide will import and you are able to start viewing!

electronic program guide

It is important to note that those who choose to use the free app will miss out on tons of fabulous features.

For example, if you try adding a channel or channels to favorites you will be prompted with the following message:

unlock premium TiviMate message

For those who wish to use the free version, simply click Cancel and continue using the app at no charge

If you purchase the premium option through the Companion app, we can log in for added benefits.

If you need to create an account, you can follow the instructions below on how to do that through Google Play Store.

How to Purchase & Set Up a Premium Account

The guide below provides instructions to purchase and set up TiviMate Premium.

Step 1 – Install the TiviMate Companion App via Google Play Store

The premium version costs only $9.99/yr with an additional lifetime subscription option available for $29.99.

This covers up to 5 devices which you can manage within the Companion App.

Prior to initializing Premium, users must register for an Account via the Companion App.

This app is only available in the Google Play Store, therefore must be installed on Android Device or through BlueStacks or another Android emulator.

If you do not have an Android phone or device, you must install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC to access the Google Play Store.

Note:  If you’re using a generic Android TV Box with stock Android, you can install the Companion app through the Google Play Store.  Devices running the true Android TV operating system such as NVIDIA SHIELD don’t include this app so you will need to set up an account on an Android phone, tablet, or through BlueStacks. 

Once installed, use the instructions below to set up a premium account.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device.  We are using Bluestacks in this tutorial on my Windows PC. Search for “tivimate companion” and select the first choice.

search for tivimate companion in google play

2. Click Install.

click install

3. Wait for the app to install.

wait for the companion app to install

4. Click Open.

click open

5. Click Account.

select account

6. Enter your preferred username and password and select Sign up.

enter username and password and click sign up

7. Re-enter your password and click Create account.

click create account

8. Choose the subscription package of your choice and enter your payment information.

choose subscription package of your choice

9. Registration is complete!

your tivimate premium account purchase is now complete

Be sure to write down or remember your login information to sign into the app.

Step 2 -Login to TiviMate Premium

After you have created your Premium account, you can log in to the service within the app previously installed.

1. From the home screen, select Settings.

select settings

2. Choose Unlock Premium.

choose unlock premium

3. Click Next.

click next

4. Choose Account.

select account

5. Enter your login credentials.

enter login credentials

6. Click Next.

choose next

7. Enter the device name of your choice and click Activate.

select activate

8. Click OK.

click ok

That’s it! Once logged in, you will have access to all advanced features of the app for an enjoyable live-streaming experience.

Details & Features

Upon installing TiviMate, you will immediately notice the unique interface it provides. This varies from other IPTV Players and works fabulously.

The menu bar on the left lists your Playlist Categories or “Groups” as they are referred to in the app. These can be hidden, removed, and managed all within the Settings.

This is a great way to eliminate any unwanted Channel lists that you don’t use or need.

Because of the uncertainty of live TV services, TROYPOINT always suggests having a backup.

With this app, users can integrate multiple services or “Playlists” within the app meaning you can combine two or more Services into one!

This is a great way to ensure your live streaming is always available and manage your favorite channels across multiple platforms.

Best of all, the app works extremely fast on any device you prefer including Firestick, Android TV, Google TV, and more.

Navigating this app is a breeze when using your streaming device’s remote. If using a Firestick, the following options are available:

  • Select Button: Opens Channel
  • Back Button: Shows Groups/Return to Guide
  • Left Button: Scrolls to Previous Program
  • Right Button: Scrolls to Next Program
  • Up Button: Scrolls Up through Channels
  • Down Button: Scrolls Down through Channels
  • Rewind Button: Scrolls Channels Up without changing the channel
  • Fast Forward: Scrolls Channels Down without changing the channel

After playing a Channel, clicking the select button will generate various options:

channel navigation settings

This includes the ability to view recent channels and quick select as well as re-open the TV Guide with your current channel playing in the background:

TV Guide with channel playing in background


The Groups options within TiviMate sets it apart from other IPTV apps. Using this to your advantage is a great way to condense your TV streaming experience.

To edit these, simply open the TV Guide and click the Menu Button (3 horizontal lines) on your remote. Then click Group options:

group options

Select Manage groups

manage tivimate groups

To remove an unwanted or unused Group, simply switch the toggle off:

toggle groups

Only highlighted groups will now be visible on the left side menu bar of the home screen. To adjust the order of these, simply click Manage positions:

manage positions feature

Click to highlight and adjust the group position to your preference! We suggest using the Favorites Tab at the top for a personal streaming experience.

click to move position

NOTE: TROYPOINT recommends adding your preferred channels to Favorites to get the most out of this app. This will enable all navigational features to work within the Favorites “Group” meaning all scrolling and selection will be through your Favorite Channels!


There are a few ways to add a Channel to Favorites.

The first option is to long click when playing a Channel and selecting “Add to Favorites”

add channels to favorites

Or, if you would like to add multiple channels quickly, simply press the Menu button from the TV Guide to prompt the following options:

add to favorites from guide

After making a channel selection, users have numerous options within the player.

You can easily access the channel list by clicking the down button.

find channel list within tivimate playback

This will prompt quick access to the Channel list without returning to the EPG.

channel list options

Picture in Picture

Another fabulous feature available is the Picture-in-Picture setting that will let you browse other apps/tools on your device while continuing to stream live content.

You can find this in the full-screen mode of your preferred channel.

picture in picture

This will keep TiviMate playing in the background while you are able to access other options on your preferred device!

PIP after closing out the app

TiviMate Settings

Within the Settings are the following provided options:


There are a few options within the app’s settings that are worth checking out. One thing we suggest is enabling the confirmation message prior to exiting out.

This way, you will not accidentally close the app by pressing the back button too many times:

confirm exit

Another feature to note is the auto-update option for the TV guide. This will ensure your guide is always up to date:

auto-update tv guide on app start

Parental Controls

For those who wish to use Parental Controls, these can also be established within the Parental controls Category.

This includes setting and using a PIN Number for access. These can be adjusted to require PIN for Playlists, TV Guide, Group options, and more.

parental controls

To go along with the Parental Controls is also the ability to block various channels.

you can find this option within the Settings of any channel.

block channels option

Within the Settings option are tons of features and options that will help you get the most out of your Live TV experience.

Adjusting these will help cater the app to your specific preferences. We suggest checking out all of these Categories to ensure the app is set to your liking.


While other IPTV players fall short when it comes to Closed Captioning, TiviMate does not.

That being said, working subtitles will vary from Channel to Channel within the app.

How To Enable Subtitles:

  • Open and play your preferred content
  • Long Click the Select button on your remote to open options and choose CC
closed captioning
  • Change toggle from “Off” to “Closed captions 1”
choose closed caption 1
  • Subtitles will now load for your content
Subtitles will now load for your content

TiviMate External Video Player

Another excellent feature that TiviMate provides is the ability to use external video players.

This is something we don’t always see in IPTV Players that usually have a built-in video player.

choose use external player

Users can easily choose to open in external player after making a channel selection.

select open in external player

We could go on and on about all of the features TiviMate provides, however, your best bet is to try it yourself to see just how extensive these options are!

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